Made in America, Linen Apparel: Mary Claret

Made in America Ethical Clothing

 “As a small business owner my favorite part is engaging with people who really love the product. It’s important to find brands that you really have kinship with. Those customer relationships inspire the businesses to keep going.” –Andie Day, founder of Mary Claret. 

Andie Day, founder of Mary Claret encourages consumers to build relationships with their favorite brands to encourage the growth of small, ethical companies. Mary Claret creates beautiful linen apparel that is ethically made in America. When Andie’s favorite old hoodie had seen better days, she decided to create a hoodie of her own.  After sewing the hoodie she posted an image on Instagram, curious if her friends would be interested in purchasing one. Once Andie made a few hoodies and was confident in the design she found a small batch manufacturer. Andie chose the name Mary Claret after living in New Mexico and being interested in southwestern culture and religious influences, specifically Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

Mary Claret apparel is made out of 100% linen. Andie was fascinated with natural materials, specifically the heavy texture of linen. The material is dyed as yarn to create a beautiful two-tone color. Andie decided to incorporate linen because she believes it is flattering on all body types, good for travel, and able to be worn through changing seasons. Currently Mary Claret creates skirts, hoodies, and pajamas from the beautiful two-toned material.

Andie plans to grow Mary Claret by adding new pieces, increasing wholesale orders, and participating in more events. While Andie has been sewing for a long time, she is working to make the construction of garments more efficient.

I am in love with my Mary Claret pajamas. The relaxed fit is very comfortable and I think the two-toned material makes the pajamas unique. I encourage you to check out Mary Claret apparel. Mary Claret apparel can be found online and at craft fairs around Texas.