A Little Bit of Honesty

Anxiety Blogger

A little bit of honesty from The Honest Consumer. I'm sure you have noticed I have not been posting as frequently. In all honesty I've been struggling. This semester has been hard for me. I'm in some challenging classes, working two jobs, an internship, and running blogs. My mind has felt quite scatterbrained lately. Time management has been challenging. Anxiety levels have been high.

I want to put all my time and energy into The Honest Consumer. It is my passion and I really think it can grow and flourish given the time and focus. I'm frustrated that school and work take time away from doing what I love. 

All that said, I just wanted to thank you for supporting me! I'm glad that I have dedicated followers and friends who are encouraging me. Thank you for hanging in there with me. Stay tuned, new product posts coming this week!