Fair Trade Holiday Baking

It's that time of year where the smell of sugar cookies fills the air! This holiday season I want to encourage you to stock your pantry full of fair trade goodies! Baking happens to be one of my favorite activities so that is one place I encourage people to start. It's easy to pick up some fair trade baking chocolate, spices, or sugar.

What does fair trade mean in the food industry? 

Fair trades values people, economic empowerment, and the environment. Businesses, farms, and producers are able to apply for fair trade certification which allows a third party to verify their dedication to these values and fair trade principals. A few organizations that provide fair trade verification in include Fairtrade America,  Fair Trade USA, Fair for Life, and the Fair Trade Federation. Consumers can look for the logos below to recognize fair trade products. There are A LOT of fair trade certified products in the food industry such as chocolate, wine, nuts, coffee, sugars, and SO many more.

Fairtrade Certification
Fair Trade Federation Certification
Fair Trade Certified
Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 10.16.17 AM.png

The fair trade food industry focuses on creating fair work environments for farmers with livable wages, reasonable hours, and less chemicals. By using less chemicals everyone is winning, the environment isn't being harmed, the air the farmers breathe is cleaner, and the food you're eating is better for your body. By stocking your pantry with fair trade baking supplies, you are providing farmers with a livable wage to support their families. 

This holiday season I encourage you to use fair trade ingredients when baking. I've listed a few products below to get you started! You can even order these fair trade food items on Amazon and have them delivered right to your door! This little change in your regular grocery list will empower others!

HOLIDAY PRO-TIP: If you're still searching for last minute gifts fair trade chocolate and wine are great!

Equal Exchange Chocolate Chips


Fair Trade Baking Chocolate


Fair Trade Spices

Level Ground Trading Cinnamon