Style from Around the World: Genesis Fair Trade

If you missed the Genesis Fair Trade feature last month, be sure to check it out here. Genesis Fair Trade is a unique online marketplace featuring fair trade goods crafted by artisan partners dating back to 100 years. I wanted to highlight a few of their products. 

Mina De Turquesas Backpack

The Mina De Turquesas Backpack by Genesis Fair Trade is perfect for carrying all of your essentials. Handmade in Guatemala, the Mina De Turquesas Backpacks are designed using Mayan color palettes and patterns representing Mayan beaches and tropical waters.

The size of this backpack is great for toting around a heavy textbook and a laptop if you're heading to class or packing a blanket and a water bottle if you're headed on a hike. The strong leather straps are easily adjustable through buckles securing your individual positioning of the backpack for comfort. The durability of this bag has proven that Genesis Fair Trade products are quality goods built to last a long time. 

Pro Tip: The side pockets on this backpack are great for storing snacks!

Lightweight Mayan Ikat Scarf

With the chilly weather scarves are the ideal accessory for every outfit. This eye catching scarf by Genesis Fair Trade is hand-dyed and woven by the artisans of the Maya San Juan. Their incredible weaving skills create elaborate detail in the scarf. Within the shade of beautiful blue, this scarf has a unique Ikat design, a pattern native to the artisans of San Juan. 

This holiday season consider purchasing a gift that empowers and shares a story. By purchasing from Genesis Fair Trade you are supporting a growing cooperative of women whose skills and talents are now the source of empowerment and change in their community. Genesis Fair Trade is also included in The Honest Consumer's holiday gift guide. Be sure to check out their goods and learn more about their mission. 

Thanks to Genesis Fair Trade for sponsoring this post & being part of The Honest Consumer community!