Style from Around the World: Genesis Fair Trade Story

Fair Trade Scarves

Genesis Fair Trade is a unique online marketplace featuring fair trade goods crafted by artisan partners dating back to 100 years. By purchasing from Genesis Fair Trade consumers are able to help support fair, sustainable employment while empowering artisans in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, as well as other places throughout the world. Genesis Fair Trade goes the extra mile by reinvesting profits into community development by providing scholarship opportunities, clean water, food, water filters, stoves, and general community development.

Genesis Fair Trade began working with NGOs that practiced fair trade principles. After building relationships with these organizations, Genesis Fair Trade began purchasing artisan made goods and selling them in America. By selling in America, this caused an increase in demand, which gave artisans the opportunity to produce more, therefore, providing more for their families. This led to the founding of Genesis Fair Trade in December 2016. Genesis Fair Trade has been able to work with hundreds of artisans in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and across the world.

Genesis Fair Trade makes a point not to interfere with the artisans traditional expressions, but provides guidance on product design based on trends in America. Genesis Fair Trade goes above and beyond by reinvesting net profits into the communities their artisans live in. Genesis Fair Trade currently has a scholarship program which allows 50 individuals the opportunity to gain an education. One of the past community development projects used profits to purchase stoves for heating and cooking, while also helping to prevent respiratory illnesses. Along with the stoves, Genesis Fair Trade has purchased water filters for these communities to prevent water born diseases. 

Profits are currently being saved to purchase sewing machines for some of the artisans. While many of the artisans are single mothers working from home, the ability to have a sewing machine will expand their opportunities, allowing them to produce more and better support their families. Instead of just giving handouts, Genesis Fair Trade provides a hand up for these community members through encouraging community members to use their artisan skills.

One of the unique features about Genesis Fair Trade is the ability for consumers to see how specific products are empowering artisans through the Meet the Artisan page. Consumers have the ability to shop by country if they are hoping to support artisans in a certain part of the world. Genesis Fair Trade carries a large variety of products including ponchos, scarves, jewelry, bags, handbags, and more.

Genesis Fair Trade products are high quality and made with love. I sincerely appreciate the unique detail in their artisan made goods. I encourage you to check out Genesis Fair Trade and help support sustainable employment and fair treatment of workers. By purchasing from Genesis Fair Trade you are taking part in an innovative way of giving by purchasing products that help people.

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