Affordable Ethical Fashion: Love Justly

Every lady needs a power pose, an ethical fiercely styled outfit, and a smile. Luckily, Love Justly is making ethical fashion available at discounted rates allowing consumers to find their ideal ethical style without breaking the bank. Through this innovative business model Love Justly has created an online market place exposing consumers on a budget to socially responsible goods. As a college student, this is incredibly useful for me as I am always looking for the best deals. 

Love Justly founder, Jenny has always been on the hunt for bargains. As an avid discount shopper she wanted to find a marketplace that sold socially responsible goods at lower prices. Eventually Jenny took it upon herself to create an online marketplace specializing in discount prices for ethical goods by founding Love Justly. Love Justly partners with socially conscious brands to purchase their excess inventory. As artisans have already been paid in full, this allows the cash flow to keep accelerating, allowing brands to further invest in artisans because of their availability to carry more inventory. Meanwhile, Love Justly is able to sell products to consumers at lower rates, introducing consumers to ethical fashion who might not be able to purchase these goods at the original price point. 

Not only is Love Justly's innovative business model good for consumers and brands, but this also has a positive impact on the environment. By purchasing a brand's excess inventory this prevents clothing from ending up in landfills, eliminating waste while allowing consumers to get good deals and know that their purchase made a difference. 

Love Justly goes the extra mile and donates 5% of profits to Legacy Collective. Legacy Collective focuses on addressing current social issues by allocating funds and resources to projects all around the world. Therefore, a customers purchase from Love Justly "gives twice."

Currently Love Justly carries apparel, jewelry, bags, and accessories through partnerships with Liz Alig, Ten Thousand Villages, Starfish Project, and other socially conscious brands. I absolutely adore my Polka Dot Dress and Iridescent Glass Bead Necklace from Love Justly. The dress is the perfect fit, form fitting, but not too tight. I love the way the necklace sparkles! I encourage you to check out Love Justly. This is a great marketplace to begin your ethical fashion journey. 

Thanks to Love Justly for sponsoring this post & being part of The Honest Consumer community!