Arizona's Ethical One Stop Shop: Redemption Market

Redemption Market is a woman-owned, ethical boutique which carries a variety of give back goods. Redemption Market started as a simple concept with a few pieces of jewelry. Founder, Rhonda didn't intend to build a business, but felt called to do so when the opportunity presented itself. Rhonda had recently adopted a daughter from Peru and was searching for a job she could do from home. She came across an anti-trafficking organization in Cambodia looking for partners in America to sell their jewelry and accessories. Rhonda decided to jump on board as she was passionate about the cause. Rhonda was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the goods sold. 

This encouraged Rhonda to take the next step. Rhonda began reaching out to other give back brands and curated a marketplace of goods. Today Rhonda works with fifteen brands, partnering with companies such as The Tote Project, Denik Journals, The Create Co., and more. These are brands that value the people behind the product, use ethical practices, and give back. Redemption Market carries bags, jewelry, home goods, bath and body products, and children's goods. While this lovely marketplace is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, customers are able to shop online. 

My accessories from Redemption Market are high quality and incredibly well made. My Denik Journal is perfect for day dreaming and brainstorming! I love the fun succulent designs on the cover. The designs on Denik Journals are done by their partnering artists from across the globe. A portion of proceeds from Denik Journals help build schools in developing countries. The bracelets and pin I received from Redemption Market are incredibly sturdy and durable. Love that my Sashka Co. bracelets are my favorite color blue AND empower women in Nepal through fair trade crochet and beading practices. 

Rhonda encourages consumers to take part in social enterprise through a simple approach, "The biggest thing is that we all want to do something. We all want to make a difference. Sometimes it gets overwhelming as an individual, but our goal is to make giving back easy for customers by purchasing goods they would purchase anyway such as a gift or accessory." Rhona is right! We can all make a different by making sure the products we purchase on a regular basis are giving to a good cause. I encourage you to check out Redemption Market and make a difference using your purchase power!

Thanks to Redemption Market for sponsoring this post & being part of The Honest Consumer community!