Love Everywhere: Spreading Positivity

Spreading Positive Vibes

“We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Today I spent my morning with the founder of Love Everywhere, Ashley. This beautiful soul is using her gift to positively impact society. Ashley is driven by the fact that not everyone receives encouragement on a daily basis. Through Love Everywhere, she strives to make everyone feel important. Love Everywhere leaves inspiring notes in places all over the world. Each note has a handwritten word of encouragement. When an individual finds a note, they can take a picture of the kind message and share it on social media to tell their story.

Ashley felt called by God to use her gift of encouraging others. Fresh out of college and living in Ohio, Ashley had an idea to spread kindness by leaving notes in random places. She got a few of her friends to do this with her. They started receiving e-mails from strangers who had found the notes, expressing gratitude for the kind gesture. However, after having her first child and moving to Nashville Love Everywhere was put on hold.

Once Ashley got the hang being a mom, she felt driven to make a difference. In 2014 she launched an official website and started Love Everywhere in Nashville. Since then Love Everywhere has grown and notes have been left all over the world by Love Everywhere ambassadors. Ambassadors place notes in states and countries that Ashley has not been able to visit, allowing kindness to spread even further. Ashley told me about a special note that was placed in Italy. This note continues to be rediscovered and posted by new people. I think it’s wonderful that one handwritten note has brought so many people joy.   

About a year ago Love Everywhere launched its shop selling small batch goods. By selling small batch goods, this allows Ashley to be able to give note cards out for free, inviting people to write an encouraging note

Ashley has big plans for Love Everywhere. This summer Ashley and her family are planning to hit the road with a summer tour featuring pop-up shops and a good deed video series on YouTube. In the video series people will be able to share acts of kindness they have experienced and give a public thank you. She will be taking her family to immerse her children in diversity and kindness.  She will also be accepting more brand ambassadors…so if you’re interested you should check it out!

Ashley’s determination to spread kindness and love is inspiring. I think this is a wonderful mission. Check out her site and learn more!