Light Shine Candles: Lending a Hand in Community Development

Make your holiday season a bit brighter with Light Shine Candles. A portion of proceeds from Light Shine Candles go to Global Outreach Developments International to encourage community development in El Salvador. 

Candles That Give Back

Founder, Anna and her husband have been working with Global Outreach Developments for ten years and lived in El Salvador for five and a half months in 2013. After moving back to the states and beginning their family, the couple was looking for a lifestyle with more flexibility. Anna was inspired by her grandmother's candles. She noticed that her friends enjoyed the candles and were interested in purchasing candles from her grandmother. After overcoming her self-doubt, Anna poured her first candle using her grandmother's recipe. Light Shine Candles was born with the mission to continue community development in El Salvador and Nashville. In 2014, Anna participated in her first farmers market with Light Shine Candles. Currently candles can be found at local shops and vendor fairs around Nashville, as well as on Etsy. Anna and her family still take regular trips to El Salvador. When they are home in the United States their work does not stop.  They prepare clothing drives, collect school supplies, fundraise, and working to meet other needs of the Global Outreach Developments. 

Recently, Anna launched Light Shine's fundraising program to assist with adoptions, student loans, and other financial challenges. Participants are able to sell candles below retail price to raise money for their cause. This way the fundraiser is able to have the money in their hands at the end of the selling period and candles can be directly shipped to buyers.  

Candles are made with non-GMO soy, a cotton wick, a made-in-the USA glass jar, and free of dyes and phthalates. Light Shine currently has two collections: the Signature Collection and the Tent Maker Collection. The Signature Collection includes warm homey scents such as French Quarter, Java Casa, Lemon Lavender, Rosemary Mint, and more. The Tent Maker Collection includes earthy smells such as Looking at the Stars, Raindrop, and Cabin in the Woods. 

I am absolutely in love with the Light Shine Candle Tennessee Christmas. This is the perfect way to add some Christmas spirit to your home. I highly encourage you to check out LightShine Candles and help support community development. Use the code "HONEST" to receive 15% off of your order though December 31st.