Warby Parker: Eyewear with an Impact

With the high cost of eye care and 15% of the world’s population lacking access to glasses, Warby Parker founders saw opportunity. Warby Parker provides affordable glasses through a buy a pair, give a pair business model. Through their partnership with VisionSpring for each pair of glasses sold, a pair is donated to someone in need.

Warby Parker Review

VisionSpring is a non-profit that trains low-income men and women to effectively provide eye exams and sell glasses at an affordable price. Warby Parker and VisionSpring want to empower individuals, giving them the tools necessary for success rather than strictly donating glasses and running the risk of creating a culture of dependency.  This partnership has led to the distribution of over two million pairs of glasses to people in need. While glasses are donated to those in developing countries, Warby Parker also gives back to Americans in need. Warby Parker partnered with New York City schools to provide free glasses to children attending some of some of the city’s lowest ranking schools.

Warby Parker is a certified B Corporation which ensures social sustainability, environmental responsibility, and transparency. Warby Parker is also lowering their carbon footprint by becoming one of the few carbon neutral companies.

Warby Parker glasses start as low as $95 including prescription lenses. While Warby Parker has an abundance of stores nationwide, their Home Try-On program allow customers to try a variety of glasses from the comfort of their own space. Customers are able to select five frames on the Warby Parker website. Frames are then mailed to the customer for free. After five days the customer places the prepaid return label on the package and mails back the frames at no charge. At the end of the in-home trail, If the customer ends up loving one of the frames they can easily pay online. 

I have had my Warby Parker glasses for over a year and I am in love with them. I wear the Laurel style frames in Tea Rose Fade. My experience at the Dallas Warby Parker store was wonderful. The customer service was great! They were quick, efficient, and friendly. Of course being The Honest Consumer I was very inquisitive, but the employees were very knowledgeable and happy to answer all my questions.  I highly recommend starting your New Year off with a clear view. Check out Warby Parker now!

*statistics courtesy of Warby Parker website