Giving Back to Hospice Care: 1220 BloomSt.

Produces That Help Hospice

1220 BloomSt sells intricate, hand sewn accessories donating 25% of sales to hospice care in Nashville.

1220 BloomSt founder, Julie discovered her love for sewing in a high school. She continued developing her skills. After giving hand sewn gifts and receiving compliments on her work, she decided to start a business of her own, 1220 BloomSt. 1220 which represents the day that Julie came into her own and became the person she wanted to be and BloomSt which represents the flowers she creates blooming, symbolizing women embracing their full potential.

After the passing of her mother, Julie wanted to give back to hospice. Julie had been impressed with the comfort and care her family experience while her mother was in hospice care. She developed a partnership with Alive Hospice in Nashville. Currently 25% of sales are donated to the Sunshine Fund for Alive Hospice in Nashville to assist patients allowing them to embrace life and focus on their loved ones.

1220 BloomSt products are incredibly detailed and beautiful. Julie works with brightly colored fabrics because she wants her customers to feel confident wearing floral accessories. 1220 BloomSt features floral products such as brooches, headbands, bobby pins, gift boxes, and necklaces. Currently these beautiful floral accessories can be found on Etsy and at local vendor fairs around Nashville.

Julie is working hard to grow and expand her business. Eventually she hopes to develop a program and work with young girls to increase their confidence. Help Julie continue her mission and follower her passion by checking out 1220 BloomSt products.