Newly: Sustainable Home Goods Made From Recycled Materials

Newly is on a mission to repurpose unused materials, increase sustainability, and positively impact the environment by creating long lasting products for the home. Newly’s beautiful home goods are made from 100% recycled materials.

The idea for Newly started with five friends and casual conversation. These friends found opportunity within a problem. They decided to take advantage of the excessive amount of waste produced by the modern American lifestyle. Newly founders decided to repurpose these unused materials, turning them into beautiful home goods. They wanted to create products with a story that would last a life time.

Newly products are incredible! From the first glance, the average customer would never guess these products are made out of materials that were considered to be waste. My personal favorite Newly products are the throw blankets, as pictured in the back of the featured image. These blankets are made from 51% recycled cotton and 49% recycled plastic bottles. Each blanket uses 12 plastic bottles and saves up to 2,250 gallons of water. The blankets are SO soft and cozy.

Newly’s glass products are made with 100% recycled glass. Glass pieces are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. Glass products include candle holders, drinking glasses, Spanish wine glasses, and pitchers. Cutting boards are made from 100% reclaimed wood which creates a natural beauty, giving each piece a bit of character. Acrylic trays are hand shaped from one piece to avoid the need for chemical welding. Currently Newly offers the products listed above, but plans to release new items monthly.

Newly Recycling Facts (based on research from Stanford University)

  • By recycling one bottle this can save enough energy to power a T.V. for 1.5 hours
  • Every 6 tons of glass recycled (vs. creating the equivalent amount of new glass) = 1 ton of CO2 not in the atmosphere.
  • One ton of recycled steel saves: 642 Kwh of energy, 1.8 barrels of oil, 10.9 million Btu's of energy, 4 cubic yards of landfill space.
  • The avg. 100% conventional cotton tee shirt is made from .5 lbs of cotton fiber. The water required to farm and dye .5 lbs of cotton fiber is, conservatively estimating, 750 gallons.
  • A tee shirt made from the yarn we use at Newly requires 10 gallons of water (and also uses no dye).
  • The nation's composting and recycling rate rose from 7.7% of the waste stream in 1960, to 17% in 1990, to around 30% today. But that still leaves A LOT of waste to be recovered!
  • Newly home goods are made in a variety of places depending on availability of recycled materials, but plans to begin producing some items locally in Nashville.  

I encourage you to check out Newly’s online shop and learn more about the goods. You will be AMAZED.

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