Get Outta Your Head

Outta raises awareness of mental health and self-care with their ethically made apparel and accessories. After struggling with anxiety and depression, founder, Sally wanted to take action to spread the word. The “Get Outta Your Head” motto says it all, encouraging customers to take a few minutes a day for relaxation and reflection.

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I specifically love that their products are ethically made AND their company gives back. Outta’s apparel is ethically made in Canada with sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. 10% of proceeds are donated to charities or programs encouraging positive mental health. Profits have been donated to the LGBTQ community, high school students starting their own yoga program, and more.

Sally has developed some wonderful ways of encouraging the community to give back. Outta representatives are able to sell products and choose a charity of their choice to donate to. Mindfulness Social Events are gatherings an individual can host and invite their friends to participate. There is time to shop Outta products and a yoga teacher comes to teach group meditation. The group is able to pick what charity their proceeds are donated to.

The hair ties pictured are also part of Outta’s giving back initiative. These adorable hair ties come in packs of four and various colors. Customers are encouraged to give one of the four hair bands away to remind others of the importance of self-care. I LOVE my hair ties! They are so fun!

As I have stated before, I struggle with anxiety. So Outta’s mission is near and dear to my heart. It is important to talk about self-care because in this fast paced society, it is easy to get caught up and overwhelmed. I believe the more we talk about anxiety and depression, we are building a community for those struggling with mental health, as well as teaching others how to encourage loved ones with their battle. Be the one to start the conversation. Even if it is uncomfortable. It took me a long time to be open about my struggle with anxiety, but since opening up, I’ve had many people share their stories with me. It’s a relief to know others are experiencing similar situations and SO important to have a support group.

Founder, Sally is a wonderful, driven individual pushing Outta in a positive direction. Outta is in the process of developing a free online mediation program. The program will be a yearlong and will teach individuals how to start meditating and work up to meditating for longer amounts of time. I am really looking forward to this and I encourage you to follow Outta's journey.