The Shine Project

The Shine Project is a non-profit teaching inner city youth how to hand make jewelry. Proceeds from The Shine Project fund scholarships which give these hardworking individuals the opportunity to go to college. Most of these students are the first in their family to go to a university.


The Shine Project is amazing! They give these students the confidence they need to further their education while teaching them valuable business skills. I met a few of the youth back at the Good Makers Market in Nashville. These were some of the most professional teenagers I’ve ever met. They had a sparkle in their eye and were excited to share their stories and hard work with customers.

The Shine Project jewelry is BEAUTIFUL! I love the variety of products! They have fun necklaces, sparkly bracelets, beautiful rings, and some apparel. I highly encourage you to check out The Shine Project!

P.S.-The Founder Ashley has an inspirational story. I couldn’t write it better myself, so I’ve linked it here. I encourage you to read it!