IKURU is an amazing business dedicated to training and employing women from vulnerable backgrounds in Mozambique. The African fabrics make their ethically crafted clothing beautiful and unique.


Founder, Sarah, was living in Mozambique working for a nonprofit. Sarah became interested in gender equality, while observing the struggle of single mothers living in poverty. She decided to take action. Sarah had fallen in love with the brightly colored African fabrics.  She wanted to utilize these unique fabrics. With no fashion background, Sarah started IKURU. Sarah’s passion and ambition has paid off. Today she works with four hardworking seamstresses to create fantastic apparel.

IKURU is more than just a fair salary for these ladies, it is a positive community. Many of these hardworking women are raising families. Ikuru provides health care and subsidizes two thirds of the childcare fees for their employees. This allows children to stay safe while single mothers are at work to support their family.

IKURU values their employees and encourages them to live up to their full potential. In the community 83% of women are illiterate and only 4% completing their primary education. IKURU takes the time to train their employees in areas such as English, computer skills, financial skills, and gender equality. By empowering these women, they will be able to provide for and educate their children.

Why IKURU? IKURU means strength in the Macua language. This ethical fashion label is providing strength to women and giving them the tools to break the cycle of poverty.

IKURU has clothing for women, children, AND men. It is cute and comfortable. The lightweight material makes it the perfect summer dress. Their dresses are beautiful and affordable! I LOVE my IKURU dress. Learn more and check out their incredible clothes! https://www.ikuruproject.com

*Statistics courtesy of IKURU.

Photo credit to the ever so patient Jake Manning.