Open Hearts & Open Minds


My heart hurts due to the amount of hate and violence that has taken place. The recent shooting in Dallas made my heart heavy, as my close friend was there and caught in the midst of the horrid tragedy. Thankfully she is okay, but it pains me to see how distraught she is from witnessing the shooting of an officer. The chain reaction from these tragedies extends far beyond our comprehension. She is one of the strongest people I know and to see her cry and suffer hurts. Nobody should have to witness another human getting shot. Everybody is somebody. Please have open minds and open hearts filled with love, tolerance, and kindness. That being said, I am happy to see businesses taking action, raising awareness, and giving back. The Coffee House Cafe has been one of my favorite spots since my good friend Ethan took me there. They have wonderful fair trade, organic coffee. Due to the recent tragedy they are donating 10% of July profits to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and giving Dallas Police free drip coffee. I encourage you to take part and help them raise money for the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.

Hugs Cafe, who I featured back in May, is also giving police officers free lunch. Hugs Cafe is a wonderful place to eat and is such an accepting environment. Click here to read about Hugs Cafe. 

I plan on visiting both of these places this week and applaud their efforts in raising awareness and taking action. To show my support today I am wearing my Giving Key necklace of "hope." I am hopeful that one day people will realize life is too short to be filled with hate. Take action, silence is part of the problem. Be the change and encourage others to have open minds and open hearts.