THANK YOU! I am so grateful for every single soul who has followed, liked, read, and viewed my page! Last week The Honest Consumer reached 500 followers on Instagram and 200 followers on Facebook! For only being up for three months that is awesome. When I started The Honest Consumer, I had no idea what to expect. I was thrilled when my message reached ten people and now Iā€™m reaching hundreds. WOW.

I am so thankful for all the positive feedback! Everybody has been so supportive. I am always searching for new social enterprises and ethically made goods, so please continue to share your opinions with me. Please let me know if you enjoyed a particular article and why. Please let me know if there is a certain product you would like to see featured. And please keep reading!

I also want to thank the businesses who have reached out to me and taken the time to chat! I have learned so much from you all. Thank you all for believing in me and allowing me to share your stories. You are all game changers and impacting so many lives. I am so excited to be able to follow and watch your businesses continue to grow.

And shout out to Social Change Nation for letting me guest write and share my mission!

Please keep spreading the word and sharing The Honest Consumer. Conscious consumerism is important to me and I would love to reach as many people as I can. Thank you for sticking by me as I continue to grow and learn. You all are wonderful!