SoloHope: Jewelry That Empowers


PROMO CODE! My kind friends at SoloHope want to give followers of The Honest Consumer a discount! Use the code “HONEST” when you check out online to receive 15% off. Offer valid now through the end of May. Read SoloHope’s story below. SoloHope is changing the lives of women in Honduras by creating fair paying jobs and teaching valuable business skills. In 2012 when the non-profit first started, SoloHope employed three women and today they employ sixteen hardworking individuals. SoloHope is impacting two different communities in Honduras; La Esperanza and Lizapa. In Lizapa, ladies use their sewing skills to create products in a collaborative facility. In La Esperanza, the ladies create goods and jewelry in their own homes. Recently, the employees in La Esperanza surprised SoloHope founder, Emilee and co-director, Ashley by pulling together their own funds and purchasing land to build a facility allowing them to work together.


The sense of community in the SoloHope family is strong. After a tragic incident, the father of a family was left paralyzed and the family’s living conditions were not suitable. SoloHope used their funds to build their employee and her family a new home, pictured below. SoloHope also provides scholarships for children of their employees.

Not only are artisan skills taught at SoloHope, but a variety of management and business skills are learned as well. Ladies learn to plan, manage supplies, and set prices for their goods.  Founder Emilee and Co-Director Ashley, are very hands on. They travel to Honduras frequently to follow up with the ladies and work on new product.

SoloHope’s products are beautiful! My friends at SoloHope sent me the adorable earrings shown below. I love them and they are perfect for summer time. Their colorful jewelry makes a statement. SoloHope also sells home goods such as baskets, napkin rings, trivets, and more. Their products are not only beautiful and well made, but each has a story. One of my favorite features on their website is the “Meet the Artisans” page. On this page you can read about specific individuals and learn how SoloHope has changed their lives.

Don’t forget to use “HONEST” to get 15% off!