Nomad Coffee Co.


NASHVILLE FRIENDS! Have you checked out Nomad Coffee Co.? Nomad Coffee was started by Belmont students, Madison and Anna. These passionate entrepreneurs are on a mission to help end modern day slavery. Nomad Coffee is a for-profit business with a social mission; with every cup of coffee you buy, profits are donated to an organization working to end slavery. Madison and Anna plan to assist a variety of organizations by rotating which groups they contribute to. As Nomad continues to grow, they also plan to support different farmers by alternating, seasonally, the coffee beans they use. This allows customers the chance to taste coffee from all over the globe. Nomad Coffee serves ethically sourced coffee at a very reasonable price: pour overs are $2 and cold brews are $2.50.  They are currently working to expand their menu. You can help end slavery with a $2 cup of coffee and that’s pretty cool!

Nomad Coffee Co. is a mobile coffee cart. As this local business continues to grow, their goal is to purchase a bus to allow more mobility. Nomad Coffee Co. has participated in local events around Nashville including Belmont’s Entrepreneurship Village, House Of, and Sevier Park. I got the chance to taste Nomad’s coffee at a local event and it is wonderful!

As I talked with Madison about Nomad Coffee, I could tell she is passionate about their cause. This has been a dream for Madison and Anna for the past year. After many prayers and advice to “Go do it!,” these two entrepreneurs are chasing their dreams and working hard to end slavery.

Please support their hard work! Check out their new and beautifully done website for more information. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to learn about upcoming events!