Art with a Purpose

“COOL ART WITH A COOL MISSION.” Wunderkid is encouraging young artists to follow their dreams while getting an education. Wunderkid works with artists ranging from high school to college graduates, putting 50% of profits towards tuition funds for the artists.

I had the honor of chatting with Denise, the founder of Wunderkid, to learn her story.  Denise was struggling to pay for school as a student at NYU. She found herself working long hours to pay for her education and focusing on school work which left little time for what she loved, dance. Denise was frustrated because she put more time into working as a bartender than following her passion for dance.


Eventually Denise had the opportunity to move to California and pursue her dreams, dancing in films and music videos. While living the dream in California, she never forget the struggle of being a student and following her passion for the arts.

Denise saw a problem with teens working long hours to pay for their education and losing sight of their goals. She started Wunderkid to encourage kids to continue their love for art while saving up for an education. These young adults are able to use their talent, do what they love, and get a head start on their college funds. Today Wunderkid works with over thirty artists from twelve different countries. When you purchase a Wunderkid print, 50% of profits go directly into a tuition fund for the artist who made your piece.

Wunderkid is a wonderful community for young artists to be involved in. Denise created a Facebook group for the artists so they are able to collaborate and get to know one another through social media. As Wunderkid continues to grow, Denise dreams of getting all the artists together in one place for a collaborative art show giving the artists the opportunity to meet face-to-face and show off their pieces.

Another selling point for the beautiful art is the Zero Landfill policy. According to Wunderkid’s website, “Zero Landfill means that nothing from the creation of your order goes to a landfill. The last remnants of our manufacturing process after all our recycling, repurposing and up cycling efforts, is turned into energy or repurposed for use in concrete production.” Even the envelopes that your product arrives in are made from 100% recycled materials.

It took me a few hours to decide which piece I was going to purchase. I chose this colorful print, “Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire.” This print is a great reminder for me, personally, to share my passion of social enterprise. There are many prints that speak with color and words, but there are also beautiful abstract pieces. You can tell there is a story behind each piece. Wunderkid also offers greeting cards and original art.

Spruce up your walls for summer with Wunderkid art!

View their website here, Wunderkid