Doing Good Works: Creating a Safe Space for Foster Youth


Doing Good Works is making social responsibility easily accessible for those in the corporate world. Through Doing Good Works, for-profit businesses are able to modify their buying habits to impact foster youth. Doing Good Works offers coffee products through Cause Cups and promotional products through Promote4Good. Proceeds from these purchases go towards training and employing those who have aged out of the foster care system.

My friends at Doing Good Works were generous enough to let me try some of their Cause Cups coffee. I tried the cold brew and the medium blend. WOW! This is high quality coffee! The cold brew is organic, smooth, and refreshing. It is also super convenient when you are on the go! As a college student, coffee is always flowing through my veins. Being able to grab a bottle of coffee and go was super convenient. I will definitely purchase more of this! The medium blend was wonderful, as well! Ground to perfection and not too strong, this direct trade coffee was just right.

Cause Cups and Doing Good Works believe the quality of the coffee is a high priority. The roasting team has flown to each area where the coffee beans are grown to ensure the beans are ethically produced and the coffee is high quality. Along with the cold brew, Cause Cups also sells K cups and a variety of ground coffee blends. The prices for all the products are very reasonable. The cold brew includes four bottles for $13, K Cups are around $8, and bags of the various roasts are $14. I would highly recommend trying some of Cause Cups’ products. Let your coffee addiction make a difference.

Promote4Good sells just about any promotional item you can imagine! Promote4Good seeks out for-profit businesses that are already spending money on promotional products. They provide the opportunity for businesses to shift their spending to make impact. If a corporation is already spending the money, why wouldn’t they want to integrate social responsibility into their business? The competitive pricing of Promote4Good’s products makes it hard for businesses to turn this opportunity down.

Why foster youth? Foster youth experience a lot of instability while in the foster care system. When individuals age out of the system options are limited. Many foster youth end up in jail or homeless, but Doing Good Works is on a mission to change that! Doing Good Works provides direction and purpose for these individuals by training and employing these at-risk youth. They have designed curriculum to guide and mold the mindsets of those coming out of foster care. Recently, they partnered with two former Navy Seals to provide positive role models and engage the youth in training. Beyond training, youth receive text messages and e-mails with positive messages to reinforce what they have been learning. Once the individual has completed training, they are assessed and placed in a job best fit for their skills. Positions include customer service, sales, packaging, and more.

Doing Good Works has helped approximately 200 youth coming out of the system and it is impressive how they are making this work. Doing Good Works partners with many organizations to bring their mission to life. Lyft provides transportation for the youth to and from training. Partnerships with various group homes allows Doing Good Works to reach out to foster youth. The Orange County Adult Achievement Center employs developmentally-delayed adults and works with Cause Cups to package K-Cup products. I love that so many people are helping to change the lives of these young adults. The great thing about this model is it can be SCALED! Doing Good Works is already talking with groups abroad and planning to expand to Ireland, Italy, and the UK.

Everyone on the Doing Good Works team came from corporate America. The founders saw a need for change and used their experience in the corporate world to make social responsibility accessible for businesses. The money businesses are already spending can help more than just the economy, but change a life. Doing Good Works is providing multiple outlets and YOU have the power to help them continue their work by buying your coffee from Cause Cups, or if you’re a business owner check out Promote4Good.

I am so thankful Doing Good Works reached out to me! They have been such a joy to work with and their mission is truly amazing. You can learn more by following their blog, checking out their websites, and purchasing some coffee!

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