Moeloco Flip Flops

Flip-flops that give back

Shoes. You put them on, take them off, get them muddy, and sometimes they have a funny smell. But they are such an easy item to take for granted. I don’t think much about it when I slip my shoes on at the beginning of the day, but shoes are a luxury to some. I am fortunate not to worry about stepping on trash or broken glass with my bare feet. However, people living in poverty don’t have this privilege. Shoes help children walk to school which allows them to receive an education and better their lives. Moeloco strives to give children this opportunity by providing shoes with a one for one business model. For each pair of flip flops sold, a pair of shoes are donated to kids in need. However, Moeloco flip-flops have a fun flare on the bottom of their shoes. Each pair of flip-flops has a positive message on the bottom, so when you walk, an encouraging note is left in the sand. On my left shoe it says “Be” and on my right shoe it says “Happy.” I absolutely love the concept of spreading positive messages and making people smile.

Moeloco is doing more than just spreading positive energy. They are making a difference. This social enterprise has partnered with The Hope Foundation to provide shoes for kids living in impoverished communities in India. The Hope Foundation assists 60,000 families living in Kolkata by providing education, healthcare, counseling, and more. Moeloco gives back through their partnership by using a one for one business model. For every pair of flip-flops sold, a pair of durable canvas shoes are donated to the children, allowing them to safely walk to school. Since launching in 2014, Moeloco has been able to donate 4,000 pairs of canvas shoes. 

Moeloco sells both men and women’s flip flops with various colors and messages. Take note that the total in your cart is in Australian dollars, so you will want to do the math on your purchase. My Moeloco flip flops were the perfect touch to spring break at the beach. Be a trend setter by making your purchase mean something. Grab your pair before summer!