Conscious Magazine: Bringing Together Leading Voices

If you’re looking for an inspiring morning read, I would highly recommend Conscious magazine. I first learned about this magazine in my spring CAUSEBOX and I couldn’t put it down. Conscious is full of successful individuals, companies, and concepts revolutionizing the business world. The magazine covers a wide range of topics including fast fashion, fast food, consumer power, sexism, diversity, at risk youth, and much more. The various forms of art and beautiful photographs kept me wanting to learn more. The personal stories and encouraging quotes left me feeling ready to conquer the day.

I love the personal stories from people of all walks of life. This allowed me to gain insight into the individual's background and learn what inspired the start of a certain social enterprise or why an individual is focused on a specific issue. Everybody has a story and I think it is very motivational when one uses a personal struggle or experience to better the world.


One of my favorite articles was Empathy & Corporate America written by Michael Pellman Rowland which discusses how social responsibility is a present force and the affects of every dollar. He emphasizes the power each individual holds referencing Malala Yousafzai’s story. Rowland explains how Malala used her voice and experience to advocate for human rights and bring awareness to many issues, rather than hiding in fear of the Taliban. He notes the huge impact Malala had and how we, as consumers, need to use our voices and be motivated by such madness. Companies must be held accountable for their actions and we consumers must speak with our purchases.

I also really enjoyed learning about Wunderkid, a social enterprise working to encourage young artists while alleviating the stress of furthering their education. The Art Space by Hayley Prokos is an uplifting article and the artwork featured is mindblowing! You will have to pick up a copy and take a look.

All of the articles are wonderful! Go pick up a copy of Conscious today to learn about a variety of changemakers who are bringing their creative ideas to life. Conscious is available at your local Barnes & Noble or you can subscribe on their website. The magazine is published in print and electronic forms. Subscriptions run $25-45 a year depending on the plan you choose.