Welcome to The Honest Consumer

A purchase can be more than the simple exchange of cash for product. Stop and think about those on the other end. Who makes the product? Your purchases could be impacting lives in a positive or negative manner.

For example, if you could choose to purchase a product from a company employing people striving for a second chance versus purchasing from a large chain store, what would your first choice be? Your decision to purchase from the social enterprise allows the company to expand, therefore, continuing to provide more opportunities to those who are working to better their lives.

Your purchase matters.

The Honest Consumer promotes entrepreneurs and businesses making a social impact in communities and around the world. The companies I will be featuring view social problems as opportunities and approach them in creative ways. There are many businesses that are making a difference with various approaches, such as hiring employees who are striving for a second chance or giving profits to multiple charities.  Many of these companies value people and social change over profit. The Honest Consumer is spreading the word about these innovative companies and encouraging the power of consumer choice. Every consumer has the power to make a change. Shop smart and make a difference. It starts with you!