A few facts & numbers you might be interested in knowing! 

Founded in February 2016 The Honest Consumer quickly gained organic popularity through Instagram. Instagram is currently the main social media channel for communication with followers. However, recently I have launched into other channels and am working to grow those outlets. In October of 2016 The Honest Consumer's official website & newsletter were launched. Feel free to take a look at the numbers listed below and check out the links to the social media outlets. My following is organically grown which means these are consumers who truly care about what they are purchasing. Feel free to contact me with anymore questions! 

Numbers Last Updated On: November 19, 2017

  • Instagram: 5,033 followers
  • Facebook: 543 page likes
  • Twitter: 235 followers
  • LinkedIn: 110 page followers
  • Poshmark 167 followers
  • Weekly Newsletter: 245 subscribers, average of 48% weekly open rate
  • Website: average of 962 unique visitors & average of 1,014 monthly sessions (based on Squarespace Analytics data July 2017-September 2017)
  • Primary viewers/followers: Women ages 18-24 in USA

Product Sample Notes: Product samples are not returned due to the importance of sharing high quality goods with my followers. The specific items sent are up to YOU based on the products you want featured. However, you may want to consult with The Honest Consumer on particular styles or items that may appeal to viewers. Product samples are worn and tested around my college campus leading to more exposure for your company. 

Promoting Posts: If you are interested in splitting the cost of promoting your written feature with The Honest Consumer on Facebook or Instagram please let me know. I would be happy to do this.