Cheap Isn't Cool, Caring Is

Given recent trends such as minimalism, slow fashion, and an emphasis on shopping local, we're seeing that cheap isn't cool anymore. People want more than just a low price. People want quality. People want to support brands that are doing good. People want transparent supply chains. People want more than just an item...they want a story and a connection. And that IS cool. Caring is cool!

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3 Tech Tools for Easy Ethical Shopping

Shopping ethically can be incredibly overwhelming and intimidating. Sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start and how to integrate ethical shopping into our fast paced life style. Chances are you're not going to transform your entire wardrobe into ethical fashion overnight. It's a process of being more conscious and reflecting before you buy. 

Thankfully there are a few easy tech tools you can download on your phone to help get the process going. These tools make it super easy, whether you're in the mall or shopping online, to learn a bit more about where and how the clothes were made, along with the ethics behind the brand. 

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Ethical Luggage for Summer Traveling

Gearing up for your summer travels? Make sure you have luggage that will last! These three awesome brands are ethically crafting products essential for your summer travel. Check out how they empower others! 

Terra Thread Lupa Tote is my personal favorite beach bag! This roomy bag can fit towels, snacks, and so much more. Terra Thread's Duffel Bag is great for weekend trips too!

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The Documentary You NEED To Watch

With another Fashion Revolution Week in the books, I just wanted to encourage everyone to educate themselves. A few weeks ago was the 5th anniversary of Rana Plaza. Basically, Rana Plaza was a garment factory that collapsed in 2013 killing over 1,000 workers in the Bangladesh factory. This factory made clothes for many popular fast fashion brands sold in the United States. And get this.... despite the tragedy, according to The True Cost, that was the fast fashion industry's most profitable year.

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Fashion Revolution Week: Why It's Important & How to Take Action

This week is an incredibly important week! It's Fashion Revolution Week. Unfortunately, this is probably not something you'll see in the news or mainstream media here in the U.S., but it is a week that should be celebrated. Each year Fashion Revolution week takes place in order to remember the tragedy of Rana Plaza and raise awareness for the change we can create in the fashion industry. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse. Rana Plaza was a garment factory in Bangladesh that collapsed in 2013, killing over 1100 workers.

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